Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

All over the world women have realized that the image of a perfect woman projected by the media is just marketing hype and are now turning to natural breast enhancement options. It is a safer and healthier method compared to unaffordable and risky plastic surgeries that they were pursuing earlier to look like TV models.

With this background in mind, let us look at the various methods that can be adopted by women to enhance the appearance of their breasts. However, it is important to remember that natural methods do help in making breasts bigger without surgery, but changes cannot happen overnight.

It is a good idea, therefore, to have the right mindset – realistic perspective and consistent effort – to enjoy long-term benefits. Some of the methods available these days are discussed below, also be sure to check out our product reviews on our top 3 rated. Extensive research we have performed show these to be outstanding products that users where very happy with.

Breast Enhancement Pills

Buy Breast Actives TodayBreast enhancement pills are developed with natural ingredients like fenugreek, wild yam, saw palmetto, fennel seed, etc., that have been used for centuries to increase breast size. The active ingredients in these natural products reactivate the mammary glands to develop breast tissue and increase the bust size, as it happens at the time of puberty.

The phytoestrogens present in natural ingredients are absorbed by the estrogen receptors in breasts to promote tissue growth. One of the major advantages of using breast pills is that it provides relief from premenstrual and menopause syndromes. Pills for bigger breast increase bust size by 1/2 – 2 cup sizes in a period of 4 – 12 weeks.


It is very convenient to use these pills. It also saves a lot of time as it eliminates the need to wear uncomfortable breast suction bras, exercise, massage, etc. Generally, the natural breast pills are safe to use. Some people may rarely be allergic to certain natural ingredients, but they very seldom cause severe allergic reactions.

Breast Enhancement Creams

A breast enhancement cream is meant for topical application on breasts every day. These creams consist of extracts of plants and herbs, vitamin E, natural oils, moisturizers, etc., that trigger breast tissue growth. The phytoestorgens present in natural extracts are absorbed through the skin by the estrogen receptors in breasts to enable natural development.

Women find it fun to use creams, especially after a warm shower, as it can be very relaxing. The massaging action that is employed to apply breast enlargement creams improves blood circulation in breasts, drains the lymphatic system and removes toxins from the body.

It is risk free and a low cost option. However, it calls for daily deliberate action. Using the breast cream once a week or irregularly will not ensure desired results.

Breast Enhancement Herbs

Synthetic laboratory manufactured medications are being fast replaced by breast enhancement herbs. Herbs are obtained from plants that occur naturally or are grown organically. From ancient time , women have been using breast enlarging herbs. One of the highly recommended herb is fenugreek.

This is because of the high content of mucilage in it. It is considered as a wonder herb not only for enlarging breasts but also for other health benefits. Fennel seeds, dandelion root, saw palmetto, watercress leaf, quai root, and Mexican wild yam, among many others, are also known to promote breast cell growth.

Breast enlargement herbs supply essential nutrients to the body that contribute to the production of hormones essential for the breasts to grow. Herbs are the major ingredients of natural breast enhancement pills and creams.The foods that contain high levels of estrogen are soybeans, wheat, barley, rye and dairy products.

Some or all of these foods can be made part of your everyday diet, remembering not to over consume them.

Foods that are rich in bromine and manganese content are also found to stimulate the production of sex hormones in the body and increase the sensitivity of receptors in the breast tissues to absorb estrogen. Fruits and nuts like apples, pears, grapes, almonds and walnuts are rich sources of bromine. Manganese is present in seafood like prawns and mussels, and also in wholegrain rice, corn and spices.

All said and done, it is very important to remember the fact that eating certain foods alone will not guarantee results. Supplementation with natural pills and application of natural creams are essential to get desired results fairly faster.

A word of caution: buy breast enhancement pills and creams only after thoroughly going through reviews to gain a better perspective as to proven, tested, and safe product that actually work .